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Race fast cars with satisfying controls across infinite variety of randomly generated and handcrafted tracks.
Compete for glory against other people in Steam Leaderboards.

Build your own custom tracks and cars, share them on Steam Workshop.

Learn to handle and drift your cars on different surfaces.

Use your own images for racer avatars and car paint jobs.
Customize the paint job of your car by adding layers of details.

Use weapons and your car's inertia to fight other racers in free style Battle Mode.
Add Weapon Zones to regular races to spice things up.

Built for Steam

This game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Runs great in Steam Big Picture Mode!

Full Controller Support

Will work with most controllers, steering wheel, flight simulator gear, and even with a guitar!

Split Screen Multiplayer

Play co-op or against friends with up to 4 local players. If you have that many friends. I don't. Why am I writing this?

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We will be happy to know how your day was! Or answer any questions: info (at) kodolinija.com